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Blood-Flow Restriction Training

Blood-Flow Restriction Training

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Lifting heavy weights at least twice a week is the best way to build strong muscles. But sometimes, the people who could benefit the most from strength training are the least capable of doing it.

RehabVisions’ Blood-Flow Restriction Training (BFRT)-certified physical therapists can help. BFRT combines lighter weight, low intensity resistance exercise with blood flow occlusion treatment to produce muscle building results similar to heavy weight training. BFRT can result in less stress for compromised individuals while building much needed muscle strength.

You may be a good candidate for BFRT if you:

  • Are recovering from surgery or an injury
  • Can’t tolerate high intensity training due to chronic pain or swelling
  • Suffer from health conditions such as fibromyalgia or bone density loss
  • Have decreased aerobic/physical capacity due to illness or disease


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